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Management is doing things right;
leadership is doing the right things.

Peter Drucker

This division covers all types of projects that have to do with the industry, trade and commerce sector with a strong emphasis in the supply of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment.

Blueprint Group

This division covers the top-notch brands that Blueprint currently distributes in the local market.

This division covers property development and construction as well as project management services for real estate and building projects.

Blueprint Group

This division covers any new ventures that are being considered by Blueprint as viable, profitable options for the Group to consider implementing.

Blueprint Group


Blueprint Groups was founded in 2009 when it entered the market in the property industry. Currently we operate under four distinct divisions with a wide and diverse range of activities. Our sectors are: Industry, Trade and Commerce (I.T.C), Brands, Properties and New Ventures.
Today Blueprint Group is a rapidly growing and expanding group with a firm presence in all areas of our activities. Our vision is to keep growing and gain market leadership, and through existing and new strategic alliances and partnerships, creating the right framework for continuous, profitable growth.

Industry, Trade And Commerce



New Ventures

Our Vision

Our goal is to be recognized as a self-motivated, vibrant and paradigm because we care organization achieving and sustaining a leading position in all areas.

Our Group’s activities are guided by our core values. These values are strongly embedded in the way we carry out our business.

We aim to keep ahead of the competition with new ventures and base strong emphasis on client satisfaction.



Hard Work


Our People

Vassilis Vassiliades    Managing Director (Brands)
Marios Haggipavlou    Managing Director (ITC)
Georgia Marta    Division Manager (Properties)
Demetris Stylianou    Division Manager (New Ventures)
Anna Stylianou    Public Relations
Savvas Ioannou    Sales
Chris Ioannou    Sales
Mary Lambrou    Sales
Christina Kolis    Administration